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Fort De Soto Beach & University of Tampa Our first time to Tampa! My husband and I traveled to Tampa this past October to meet up with Camila and Julian to photograph their engagement session! I truly loved Tampa after our trip! I have been to Florida many times but not Tampa. Camila and Julian […]

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Sydney & Justin

This isn’t the first time that I have ventured out to the middle of nowhere to meet Sydney at her farm. A couple of years ago, Sydney and I got the crazy idea to do a photoshoot with her cows…..interesting right? Well, sorry to get your hopes up but there are no cows in this […]

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Greenup, Kentucky Every 4th of July my family and I have gathered around the boat dock on this beautiful property to watch the fireworks. My mom’s long time friend grew up in this house and his parents still reside there. My mom has many fond memories of this house as she grew up. I also […]

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The mud that was caked in my crocs (yes I said crocs, they are stylish yet comfortable) was definitely worth it by the end of this session! Below are a few of my favorites from my time with Jake and Clare. We spent the afternoon roaming around Jakes family home and property, so beautiful! I […]

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Sharon Woods Park, Cincinnati Ohio Summer lovin’, am I right?? Aubrey and Tyler chose to emphasize the meaning of summer in their engagement session! Going barefoot and jumping in a creek is the definition of summer, right? If you aren’t doing that at least once a week , then you are doing summer wrong! Aubrey […]

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A how to for my fellow photographers, who want to be both!

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